Integrating Reverse call into your blogs


Our new reverse call service for overseas Indians has us all excited. This service allows you to initiate a call from our web site, which will call you and the person you want to speak to and conference you. You can even initiate the call by dialing an access number if you are not online. This is useful in situations when making an outgoing call is expensive, but receiving one is not. A standard calling card is rendered useless due to the cost of dialing the access number, therefore the system calls you instead.

What is relevant to blog owners is that we intend to distribute this functionality as a widget. People will be able to come to your site and make calls. We will give them free promotional credit to try the service from your blog. If they sign up to use the service, we will pay a sign up commission to the blog owner. They can continue to use the service from your blog.

We will also launch an online advertising campaign in google etc. sending people from our target markets to your blog to try the service. That way your blog will get some publicity. The size of the campaign will be proportional to your score of votes and readership.

The service is designed to reduce the cost of calling India for traveling and overseas Indians, especially from countries where cost of calling India is high.

The advantages for a blog owner are as follows:

  1. Free publicity from the google campaign
  2. A sign up commission
  3. Recurring visits from the user to make calls, hopefully they will be reading your blog while the call is in progress!
  4. An even greater commission if he signs up for our VoIP service.
  5. A higher Linq rank. This is because we are able to detect readership with greater certainty when you install our widgets.

Visit our blogger tools page for more info on how to set up the widget in your blog.


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