Our Award Winners.

Many bloggers are helping linq to gain it’s due popularity. Following are our award winners who have added our widgets & who are helping us reach to more and more people across the world.

She writes about truly yummy and delicious recipes.

Want to checkout some latest gossiping about celebrities? If your answer is yes, I’m sure Tinsel Gurus is the destination for you.

Are you hungry? Check her blog out and I’m sure it will only add to your hunger…

Seems like there are so many of our friends who feast us with delicious recipes on their blogs. Sagari is one of them.

After enough of sample size, we are now up to conclusion that our friends want us to gain more wait. At least yummy recipes on their blogs adds up to our apetite. She is one of them.

She writes about Tamil entertainment industry. Though no one of knows Tamil, it’s very kind of her that she is helping us to meet many new people.

One more friend who is helping us to reach to more and more.

He writes short stories and personal stuff. Quite an interesting blog if you want to relax.

Another reason for why I’m overweight.

Preeti writes personal stuff and has great clicking skills.

Another friend who is a face of linq despite of language barriers.

Avid fan of cricket and especially of IPL team Chennai Super kings.

A personal blogger who writes about emotions and relations.


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