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New feature in Linq – Blog collections

October 20, 2008

Linq has a very large collection of Indian blogs, with around 10000 posts added daily. Although we classify posts into 5 categories (Entertainment, Sports, Recipes, Indian Languages and General), it is sometimes difficult for our visitors to keep track of topics of their interest. ‘Blog collections’ is a feature which not only allows a user to create a collection of their favorite blogs, but also mark it ‘public’ so that other users can read it. Public collections are ranked and even given awards. Top ranked collections become categories and are displayed under the main categories on the front page.

Public blog collections

This feature gives users control over categorization of blogs on Linq. For example you can create a collection ‘Cricket’ which contains popular cricket blogs which you regularly follow, so that next time you or anyone else comes to Linq you do not have to search to find cricket news. Other examples may be a collection of blogs relating to architecture or relating to Chennai city, or even to Bandra suburb of Mumbai. Such user led categorization increases ability to discover new blogs, and give niche blogs a platform to be noticed.

Users can create blog collections after logging in to Linq. Collection creators retain full control over their collections. You could also create a private collection which will be visible only to you. Public collections need to be ranked before they are visible on the front page, which process may take up to a week. Apart from coming to the front page, public collections can also be distributed using the url<collection name>.

We hope such collections will become mini-communities led by the collection creator. If this feature proves popular, we will work on added functionality, such as allowing readers to subscribe to collections, allowing collection owners to customise the view of the collection, allowing search within a collection, allowing comments and user feedback related to a collection, stats relating to the collection, etc. Please tell us what other functionality you would like to have. Feedback, bugreports and queries are also very welcome.


About us!

July 1, 2008

Linq is a collection of Indian blogs listed in the order of popularity. It also classifies blogs on the basis of categories like sports, languages, recipes, entertainment etc.

There is a huge amount of indian blog content available on the internet but the problem is it is spread all across and it’s quite difficult to find it at one place. Linq is the answer to this problem.

We welcome your valuable feedback and inputs in shaping up this kid.