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Award Winning Blogger………

December 16, 2008

Its that time of the week to introduce you to our newest Award winning blogger and her name is Vidhya.

She is an NRI blogger who writes about tried and tasted vegetarian recipes. She is married and a mother of TWINS.

She likes Reading books, designing fashion jewellery. Illayaraja songs are her favorites and she likes movies of kamal hasan.

Vidhya has won the Award of all time in Recipes category for her blog So all the people who are vegetarian and those who are non-vegetarian please read her blog and vote for her and improve her rank.


Another Award Winning Blogger……….

December 15, 2008

Time to Introduce our latest Award winning blogger. Her name is Sri Lekha and she is from Tamilnadu, India.

She has a passion for cooking and her tag line says Have Nutritious Food…. Have a Healthy Life…. to know more about her see below:-
* Painting
* Watching movies
Favorite Movies
* I love cartoons a lot particularly Tom and Jerry
* Winnie the Pooh
* Mr.Bean and so on
Favorite Music
* All good melodies and sometimes the songs that rocks

Sri lekha has won the award for the Best Recipes Blog of all time for her blog Her blog displays all kind of recipes and the most interesting section is Cooking Tips which is very informative. Please read her blog, vote for her and improve her ranking.