User fedback!

Being a venture for internet users, we always welcome and seek feedback which could help us in developing and shaping up linq. Here are some valuable feedbacks from people who browsed through linq:-

Sakshi feels that linq is a good and complete website with well categorized and ordered content. She feels that the way linq awards has been conceptualized is one of the best feature. She feels the need to add more categories and wish a change in layout.

Among the upcoming features, She finds blog collections the most attractive one followed by ability to put a post on front rage.

Debayan finds blog search, ranking and voting, simplicity and speed to be the best features of linq. He seek for more categories.

Among upcoming features, he feels that blog collections and ability to put a post on front page being the most important features.

  • Salman

Salman considers most of the linq features quite attractive. He feel that all the upcoming features(Blog collections, Facebook application, Blog meter, Reseller widget, ability to put a post on front page.) in linq are attractive and useful.

Kaushal feels that the navigation between links in linq is quite smooth and considers blog ranking as the est feature. He seeks more categories, user defined categories, book marking, link sharing, customization.

Among upcoming features, he considers Blog collections, Facebook application, Blog meter and ability to put a post on the front page quite useful.

  • Melody

Melody feels that the site is nice but it needs a lot of features to be added.

She thinks that all the upcoming features are quite interesting and will add value to the site.


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